A Special Thank You to Our Contributors

 I would like to thank the following individuals, banks and foundations who contributed to Andy’s Books for Kids from November 2015-to the present. These are people who understand the importance of child literacy and its positive bearing on academic achievement. Children who live in poverty frequently have very few books in their homes as compared to kids in homes with higher incomes which places them at a measurable academic disadvantage. Andy’s Books is working to help close that achievement gap by providing as many books as possible to as many of these underserved kids as possible. Without the generosity of the following donors Andy’s Books would not be able to carry on with its mission. Thank you!
Books Pals thumbnail
Alliance for Community Health Inc.
Judy Adams
Shelby Albano
Joseph & Ann Slaughter
Debbie Baker
Karen Bardawil
Belvidere District #100 Excellence
Nancy Bieck
Harlan Bohnsack
Katie Boughton
Jenny Breckenridge
David & Shawn Brevard
Ann L. Thompson-Brock
Joe Bruce
Loreen Burton
Lorna Collier
Dennis Corcoran
Mark Cormier
Gary & Charlotte Critser
Kathie Curlee
Ann Curtis
Tom & Leona D’Agnes
Marilyn Dixon
Billie Ruth Dixon
David & Catherine Dixon
Dr. Mary & Bill Fausone
John & Barbara Fletcher
Rita Gillette
Maggie Grant
Steve & Jane Gray
Sally Greene
Jill Grove
H. G. McCullough Designers, Inc.
Mark Hardy
Brad Hazelwood
Charlie & Becky Heck
Thad & Patty Heckman
Gail Hedges
Paula Herbig
Deb Hightower
Martha Hodge
Thomas & Ann Hodge
Lynne & Christopher Hodge
David Hodge
Joan Hoffman
Mary Honchcell
Rita Houlihan
Paul & Beth Howard
Ann Hutchings
Nick Hutchings
Diane Igleheart
Lowry & Houston Igleheart-Keach
Karen Jasper
Barbara Johnson
Scott & Jennifer Keach
Denise Kempel
Leo & Gail King
Dennis & Hilly Klagues
Steve & Sue Kline
Luke, Amy & John II Koch
Diane & Paul Larsen
Tom Lawler
Christy Lenox
Karlene Lenz
Barbara Levy
Lauren LiCausi
Connie Magnuson
Katie Magnuson
Dawn Malaker
Suzanne & Terry Martin
Victoria McCoy
Lori Michalsen
Sue Moore
Danna Munson
Leslie Newman
Dr. Richard Nora
Cathy Nyman
Kathy O’Brien
Jill O’Malley
Scott & Colleen Parker
Hoddy & Carolyn Peck
Elizabeth Penugonda
Kris Polfliet
Vicki Price
Kristina Reuben
Caryn Ritchie
Mary Rudzinski
Philip & Elizabeth Ryan
Saint Anthony Medical Center
Ginni Salisburg
Kathy Sanz
Karen Schiller
Linda Schreiner
Tandy Seery
Meghan Shankar
Tracy Shellhorn
Larry & Lois Simon
Julie Slaughter
William Smith
Brian Soltys
Nanci Soriano
Lynn Street
Susan Swift
David Taffel
Bill Taffy
Union Savings Bank
Sun Cha & James Unverzagt
Dick & Marcy Van Evera
David & Connie Walaskay
Janet Warner
Barbara & Pamela Wilson
Buddy & Hilda Wint
Marianna & Robert Wrist
Jeannine Zuba